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Here is what you should do:

(2010-07-07, 09:41 AM)dvb Wrote: External DB authentication
Used to externally authenticate WP users with an existing user DB
(2010-07-07, 04:18 PM)dvb Wrote: This is a wordpress plugin, not a mybb plugin. You can use it to make wordpress use the mybb's login details.

Install the plugin through WP and configure it.
(2010-07-07, 12:47 PM)dvb Wrote: Just look at mybb source, at the time I was using this I've used the following code, It was more convenient for me to hardcode my solution to the plugin instead of using the eval.

Open '/wp-content/plugins/external-database-authentication/ext_db_auth.php'

switch(get_option('ext_db_enc')) {
		case "SHA1" :
			$password2 = sha1($password);
		case "MD5" :
			$password2 = md5($password);
        	case "Other" :
delete everything inside the 'other' case and put this:

			$query = "SELECT salt FROM " . get_option('ext_db_table') . " WHERE ".get_option('ext_db_namefield')." = '$username'";
			$result = db_functions($driver,"query",$resource,$query);    
			$usersalt = db_functions($driver,"fetch",$result,"");
			$usersalt = $usersalt['salt'];
			$password2 = md5(md5($usersalt).md5($password));
Of course you have to configure it properly from the options page of the plugin.
(2010-07-09, 02:41 PM)dvb Wrote: In the part "External Database Settings":
Username: of the database server
Password: of the database server
User table: mybb_users
In the part "External Database Source Fields": - this should be the field names as they are in the table. With mybb it's the most obvious names.
Username: username
Password: password

Easy no?
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HI all friends,

i am using this plugin for mybb - wp sync.

i have had this file attached here with.

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With Regards and many thanks.
i get this error: Unknown column 'admin' in 'where clause'
this way work for 1.6.8 ?
I'd just install a wordpress to add a blog to my forum, I'll try this modification of the wp plugin tonight.
But I've a small question concerning the "role" settings : I want to have registered users, moderators and admin, not the banned or waiting validation user. Peharps a small modification to have a "in groups" (based on gid) might be usefull ?

I'll try to give you a modified plugin ASAP.
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Unknown column 'admin' in 'where clause'
When users enter a message tagged with face up
Please guide
^ for the External Database Source Fields,
username should be filled with username (not admin) and password with password (not your password) verbatim!
Username and password MyBB with Wordpress is the
In the two fields, username and password will be detailed
But users will encounter the following error when entering

Unknown column 'admin' in 'where clause'
^ that is what we were trying to convey - do not enter your MyBB user name & password at the settings.
enter username for username field and password for the password field as is. (see this image)
^ the file attached in post #83 is working for the current version of MyBB & the latest version of WordPress

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