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SMF Multiforum System is looking for a myBB Advisor

SMF Multiforum System is looking for a "myBB Advisor". Someone who knows their myBB inside out, including it's security, with strong knowledge of the ACP and all it's functions.

This will also include answering myBB related questions on the support forum.

Anyone interested?

personally, for me.

Multiple Forum is useless..
Forum will consume more resources than WP-MU.
Today, thousands of forum around there and more difficult to find visitors or members.

Hello, Welcome to MyBB Indonesia to get local support
My 'Simple' Unique Plugin here Smile
Theres plenty of people who want it. Plenty. And there isn't one that is compatible with all the popular forum software, other than this one.

So there's no-one here who regards their knowledge of myBB well enough to apply for this?
There is also the thing that... why would I want to help SMF? I'm wanting SMF to die off, not get better.
Why do you need a person with MyBB knowledge if you're making a multi-forum software for SMF?
Thanks, Polarbear541
It's actually a multiforum for SMF, myBB, phpBB, and others. It was originally coded into SMF, however it is now a totally seperate script.

In all honesty, I know my SMF better than anything else, so that is why I am looking for someone to help with the myBB aspect. Whoever does this probably won't even have to code anything, its literally just giving advice on how myBB works etc.
In which case I may be interested. Drop me a PM when you feel ready Smile
Thanks, Polarbear541
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
I applaud you for viewing MyBB as a project you wish to be a part of. Good luck in your endeavor.
I'd love some more information, please PM me.
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