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GlobalAir VA - Flight Sim Community & Virtual Airline
Wink is the home of Global Air VA, our virtual airline for flight simulation enthusiasts. Anyone who uses Microsoft's FS2002, FS2004, or FSX, as well as X-Plane can join in on the fun! We offer lots of routes, aircraft, and a very easy to use system for everything you could want to do at our virtual airline! is our main page that gives general information about our virtual airline. It runs on Joomla. is our discussion board running on MyBB! Big Grin Here you can talk with other pilots over all kinds of topics of your choosing! is our booking system, running on phpVMS. Here all pilots can bid on flights, get credit for flights, have live tracking of your flights, and much more! We offer support for many ACARS applications. is our online multiplayer flight server based on DAFSIM. For more experienced pilots, you may know about VATSIM. FlightSim Portal International (FPI) is like VATSIM where people can connect to a server and fly together in a fun, multiplayer environment. The great thing is that anyone can register to fly on this server, and doesn't have to be a part of GlobalAir VA or even any VA!

We also offer a wiki, and TeamSpeak 2 server for voice capabilities.

Our community is low-key, and just comes together to have fun! We don't punish people for not following strict rules because we barely have any! So, if you're interested, come on by and check us out!
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You could do with matching the joomla template to the forum design to integrate it better, nice site and good luck with the forums.

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