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Offering Ad Space (
OK, CreateBB has fallen back in the rankings since I took it over. I need some good advertising ASAP! I am also in need of money to sustain CreateBB (as I am currently paying for it out of my own pocket, which is fine for now. But a more permanent source of funding would be helpful Toungue). Although some forums do not show ads (paid options) most do. Including all newly created forums. Obviously as CreateBB expands the amount of traffic to the forums will increase, thus increasing the prices for your ads. So now is a GREAT time to buy!

Offer 1 - Reciprocal Ads:
  • You simply place an ad on your site for CreateBB and we will place an ad for your site on the ad rotator for every forum! The length of time can be discussed. Smile

Offer 2 - Paid Ads:
  • Need ads fast? Place an ad on every forum, the signup page or the homepage. You decide the amount of time. PM me for more details and we can work out what you can get for your budget.


Also any members of CreateBB can now pay to have their Ads removed. Ask on the Support forums (

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