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ForumSpace Domains - Free Sub-Domains - Over 50 Domains To Choose From
ForumSpace Domains
Free Sub-Domains with over 50 domains to choose from

ForumSpace Domains offers free sub-domains with loads of features, including full META control, URL cloaking, path forwarding and advanced statistics. All sub-domains are activated instantly and can be edited at any time through your admin panel.

Please feel free to have a look around, have a go at registering a domain, and see what you think!

Check out the tag cloud of all available domains, each click gives that domain more "priority" in the cloud 8)

Special thanks to all those who have contributed domains to this project so far, including -

Elegant Totality
Lukas Larsson
Winford F.

Anyone else interested in contributing domains should see this thread.

I am currently working on an API for ForumSpace Domains, so that anyone will be able to create free domains for their users directly from their own website.

Comments please Smile

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