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Route 1 Pokemon Forums!
Name: Route 1 Pokemon Forums
Description: A Great new pokemon community. Come on and join us, we'd love to have you part of the community!
Love the name, i'd recomend getting a TLD (.com/.net/.org) and great theme too. I wish you luck.
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Thanks Smile
Feel free to join Smile
Unrelated, but I love how is 50x larger than it needs to be, and its CSS class names are just keyboard gibberish.

I love your forum's name, though.
Thanks Toungue
I love the name.. not sure how many people will find it by search engine even with a .com url, but it's catchy..

Also like your theme.. maybe a sick background could help it even more, but still nice
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Thanks, If I find a good background, I will change it.
Feel free to join Smile
Like the theme, you should really get a TLD though. In addition, trying adding some content to your forums if you really want people to register Smile
Thanks Toungue
You just keep saying thanks, are you taking on board what people are saying regarding a TLD. Nice theme and good luck with the site Smile

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