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Route 1 Pokemon Forums!
Name: Route 1 Pokemon Forums
Description: A Great new pokemon community. Come on and join us, we'd love to have you part of the community!
Love the name, i'd recomend getting a TLD (.com/.net/.org) and great theme too. I wish you luck.
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Thanks Smile
Feel free to join Smile
Unrelated, but I love how is 50x larger than it needs to be, and its CSS class names are just keyboard gibberish.

I love your forum's name, though.
Thanks Toungue
I love the name.. not sure how many people will find it by search engine even with a .com url, but it's catchy..

Also like your theme.. maybe a sick background could help it even more, but still nice
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Thanks, If I find a good background, I will change it.
Feel free to join Smile
Like the theme, you should really get a TLD though. In addition, trying adding some content to your forums if you really want people to register Smile

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Thanks Toungue
You just keep saying thanks, are you taking on board what people are saying regarding a TLD. Nice theme and good luck with the site Smile

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