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Will there be a beta 3?
I see beta 2 just came out about 5 days ago, so it may be too early to tell. But what do you guys think?

My opinion is that they should take their time. I don't want to install 1.6 and 3 days latter a massive exploit or bug is found that causes catastrophic events.
Depends on if any major bugs appear. I'm going to say no though and guess the next release is probably a RC.
Next release will be final.
mybb is really good with security. They usually find it before the exploits are used and there are a couple of members I know who are really quick at reporting them. If your afraid of security the best thing you can do is to sign up for email notices of important announcements. If you do you will get emails whenever a release is made and be able to quickly update. The mybb team is careful about releasing things too early as well. That is why they don't set a release date. They don't like to rush things and they like to have everything done.

Soooo yeah. Just relax. Mybb 1.6 won't be something to worry about. Any new php script release will have security fixes it needs, but they have to be found first. Mybb will fix them immediately and let out a security release as they always have.

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