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Not Solved Pm aleart with message
Not Solved
Works perfectly in 1.6.4. Thanks a lot! Was looking all over the place for a plugin like this. Finally I got something just like what VB does. Smile
Not Solved
(09-29-2010, 02:20 AM)bpatton Wrote: I'm only getting {5} showing up as the message. I've done all the edits as directed. Any ideas? I see this was a 1.4 code edit... did something change?

I have this issue after upgrading to 1.6.5...hopefully someone can fix this up, or someone can make this mod so it's used for the newer 1.6 versions of mybb.
Not Solved
^ tested it on myBB 1.6.5 (local host) & got it working ..
Not Solved
its working on my 1.6.8 site. please note that the content above asks to change messsages.php but it should be messages.lang.php
Lost interest, sold my sites, will browse here once in a while. It's been fun.
Not Solved
just bumping this to note that in the edit that lex- posted, the 2nd find is the one that needs to be replaced for ./inc/datahandlers/pm.php

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