Converting to MyBB
Not sure were to put this as the 'Merge' forums I thought were for support after conversion.

Is there anyone on the MyBB staff team that help when converting to MyBB if you provide full FTP details?
Merge system forum is for help running the merge, once you're on MyBB any support is just general support...

What part of the merge are you stuck on?? I'm sure someone will offer to help (I'm short of time right now) but if we can explain the bit you're stuck on it'll help everybody Smile
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I am just generally nervous about converting, I just want it to run smoothly. I have tried before (last year) and it didn't work for me and was hoping a member of the team could do the merge for me.

I can do it for you if you wish. I'll need cPanel access as well as FTP though.

If you want to do it yourself you can always post any problems you run into.

Which software are you converting from?
Converting from phpBB. It would be awesome if you could give me a helping hand AJS. Do you have MSN or any instant messenger we could talk on?
I've added you to MSN. Smile
Added and will talk there.

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