Convert from an other script ?
I'm using an old forum script and I want to convert it to mybb, but I have no idea if its possible or not..
The posts in my database are writing with HTML like this :
<a href ="http://link">link</a><font color="red">hello guys</font>
And I dont have salt , loginkey and many other fields in the members table of my forum...
Is it possible to convert it to be compatible with the mybb system ?
If the forum system you are using isn't supported by the merge system then you will need to move everything over manually. It will be a matter of find and replace for the html tags.
Thanks, Polarbear541
Yes, but maybe I can create a simple script to remplace to necessary tags..
Well, what about the members table ? I can't at least convert it even it miss some fields like salt and loginkey ?
Which forum software are you using? As my signature states I write custom merger modules for people. I do charge for it, but my prices are fair, actually a little on the cheap side of fair. So far I've only created one for WowBB/WowClassic/UltraBB, one for SMF2 RC2/3 and one for bbPress.

PM me if you're interested.

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