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Buying Custom Gaming Theme!
I'm looking for a experienced designer to design a theme for my forums. It's all about game, and it would be cool with maybe some camo BG, and a nice gradient matching. This is just an idea, not a specific request. jQuery would also be nice if someone can put it in.

Method: PayPal

Budget: 15$
So gaming/tech looking theme is what I want. GET DESIGNING!
I can do this. However if you want jQuery, you would have to go a little higher than $20.
Im done with this crap. Bye
Well then forget jQuery.. Let me see what you got?

That's My Portfolio if you want to see my work.

I don't want to start designing a theme until we have a set deal.
Im done with this crap. Bye
I can do you a basic gaming theme for $20. But if you wanted jQuery and more features etc it'd be closer to $35.

Some themes I've done:

Drop me an email if you're interested. [email protected]
I recommend Trilobyte, Sanjukan, Angel or Rozzy Wink

[Image: iYa29IFsjRtGF.png]

PM Combus Wink He's awesome.
Your friendly neighbourhood lurker.
(07-10-2010, 03:22 AM)Joshua Mayer Wrote: PM Combus Wink He's awesome.

Alright, I've PM'ed him ^^.

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