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MyAnnouncements LITE v1.0 BETA
MyAnnouncements allows administrators to enable up to 3 bars at the top of the index. Each of the bars is a different colour and allows the admin to quickly draw attention to important announcements!

An example can be found at Dev-Network!

- You can disable each bar individually.

With The Pro version (available at Dev-Network) you can:
- Change the colors of the each bar using drop-downs in the ACP!

Future Features:
-Ability to choose each bars colour

Download and screenshots!

Support: As with all my mods, support will only be given at The Pro version is also only available at dev-network.
Nice mod Big Grin

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Cool mod Smile
Thumbs Up 
Thanks, nice work @ Tommyk

More information (Turkish)

[Image: dyr1.png]

Turkish Language: [Image: Turkey.GIF]
Version: v1.0 Beta
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Nice.. My suggestion is add group permission who should read/see that announcement or add color setting on next version. That's all.. Thanks
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I'm working on colour settings now, and group settings would be cool Smile
Turkish Information Added ..
Thanks ...
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Thanks Smile
MyAnnouncements Pro v1.1 released over at Dev-Network! It's Free!

Persian language:

.zip   Persian_MyAnnouncements LITE v1.0 (Size: 5.87 KB / Downloads: 110)

More Information (Persian):


[Image: 1366336721.jpg]

[Image: 1321099450.jpg]
cool mod Big Grin might try it out
                                                                                                                             - Dizzy

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