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portal ?
I've tested mybb on localhost, it seems very good. An replacement of IPB !

But i still wonder if there is any CMS or portal that can be intergrated with mybb, cause my customer need a complete site with news, poll, ...

Furthermore, when the user increased, how the forum's going ( fast, stable .... ). Has anyone tested yet ?

Waiting from your replys .
Thank you. Big Grin
Hello nbs191,

MyBulletinBoard currently has a portal page available. The portal page ends in portal.php - the portal page for this community is therefore, so you can see how it looks. It shows new posts since last visit, a list of the threads with the most recent posts and the latest announcements. I can't really make out if that's exactly what you want, though.

One of the largest forums which runs MyBulletinBoard are the Messenger Plus! Community Forums. This is also mentioned at Every day, hundreds of posts are being made by many members, and rarely there are any problems. Just today a new record was set with 890 users online at one time. If problems do occur, it's not MyBulletinBoard that is to blame, but the server that can't really keep up Wink

I hope this answers your questions; if not, please ask more Smile
Well, i'm going to check it now.
Thanks for great support Wink

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