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Vote MyBB for the best free forum software!
Voted on it, as others have stated we are dominating other software's Smile
Haha, now that really is total domination isn't it. Cool
[Image: MaDuhur.png]
by Dukhor, IcyBoards Community Forums
Voted Smile
My portfolio:
[Image: 468x60_bf4brasil_site_zpsd7eefd7f.png]
Looks like MyBB is winning again (2013).
Just voted and we are absolutely dominating. Congrats MyBB!
My vote for Mybb!
The unpopular/unknown forums in the lists are pretty interesting.
I'm sorry guys but I'm going with XenForo even though I feel more home at MyBB.
XenForo 1.2 is just an awesome update. Smile

Burning Board #1 commercial? wtf? xD
This poll is so damn biased, it's not even funny.
XenForo should sit on the throne.

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