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Need staffs w/ XBL
XBLForum is a discussion board where 360 gamers can discuss anything related to Xbox Live and Xbox 360. Talk about the new console "Kinect" and the new Xbox 360. You can participate in weekly game nights and advertise your gaming clan. This is the place for 360 gamers to discuss or interact.

Positions: Co-Administrator, Super Moderators, Event Organizers

The Co-Administrator will help me with adding and modifying content before the full version will be release. You must be able to come online on either Xbox Live or MSN so we can discuss on changes. This is a big job though, so don't expect to be a piece of cake.

Super Moderators
The Super Moderators basically moderate the whole forum to see if there are any specious activity or inappropriate content. Also the moderators will join discussions as much as possible.

Event Organizer
Now this is a hard job. The event organizer are people who organize weekly game nights, competitions, forum contests, graphic contests, etc. Also you must have leadership to host a full game lobby if have.

If you want to apply for one of the groups above, you must follow the requirements below.
- At least the age of 15
- Leadership
- Professionalism
- Good English
- Must have Xbox Live

[b]Full Name:[/b]
[b]Age (in years):[/b]
[b]Major Experiences:[/b]
[b]Minor Experiences:[/b]
[b]Why Join {POSITION}?[/b]
[b]Games You Mostly Play:[/b]
[b]MSN Messenger:[/b]
[b]Example of Works (Sites):[/b]

All because you've completed the form, doesn't mean you got the job. I have to talk to your either on MSN or Xbox Live about that job.

- Front Page Affiliation
- VIP Permissions
- Get Paid Every Month (Maybe)
- 10 Posts In Your Forum Every Week
- Get Respected
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(07-12-2010, 01:55 PM)Intervention Wrote: - At least the age of 15

Don't mean to be picky but can I just ask how you intend to verify this?
Thanks, Polarbear541
Well, to be honest.... I don't care if they're 15 or not. As long they can act mature.
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