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<snip> is a software programming and web development forums. We are welcoming new members that want to learn or help out other members who got problems. Hope you like the theme i made it myself. Thanks again Wink

<snip> Cool

Please leave feedback after you visit. Big Grin
[Image: logo.png]
Not bad.
However, I have to be frank, the logo could use some editor advisement. The letters are to bulgy. You might need to use a better software to revise is. My other advise is to not crowed the ads right directly on top of the head. But below the logo and header is fine, but you don't want to crowed up because people will feel claustrophobic.
The OP has been told not to advertise this forum here because it has hacking content on there
No PM support
My YouTube
Yes......same thread was started earlier but was closed....but a new thread started again.

We have discovered some hacking material again on your forum. As MyBB does not promote hacking, or any other illegal material, I must close this thread.


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