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ezTrader Rating System 1.0.2
Nvm I will attempt to figure out the problem myself...
[Image: mybbsig.php]
Nice plugin, the only issue I found is that it doesn't automatically put the thread URL in. I believe iTrader does that so that would be something handy although the option to have no thread would still be there when a user clicks on it via the profile to signify private transactions done over PM etc.
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So iTrader saves the thread url. Example would be click on thread then click on trade count. It saves the url where it came from then uses that to prefill later on?
I just checked right now and apparently it doesn't....I thought it did but it's been a while since I've used iTrader.

Sorry my mistake although it would be a cool feature to have for the less savvy user except that there should be an option to delete that thread URL and replace it with something else if the user wanted.
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I thought so will see maybe in the next release. Have to think of safe way to do it too.
A must update if you want to stop spam bots etc.

!Corrected an issue with permission checks in various places that allowed people to add feedback even though they were set to deny under permissions.
Its Support In MyBB 1.6+ ? I Need This Badly Sad
Yes works with MyBB 1.6
Quick question- where can I find and edit the template for this?

No templates at this time stored in eztrader.php

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