Guidelines for General Discussion
We have recently decided some change is in order for the general discussion part of the community. We have renamed this forum from Chit-Chat to General Discussion to further support our changes.

We wish to convert this forum into a place of meaningful and valuable discussion, a goal which this forum has veered further and further from in recent times.

We are now placing the following guidelines on topics here:

Topics must be meaningful and have a point
This is a discussion forum and so posts must provide a source of discussion. We expect the discussion point to be something that is appropriate and relevant given the nature of our community.

For example
Linking to a webpage that is just for laughs is not meaningful.

On the other hand, a thread that links to another web page, and provides the background context and ends with a question opening up discussion is meaningful.

Topics must be significant
Your topic must be significant enough that it will be relevant to a large portion of the member base.

For example
Only a very small group of members here would be interested in what is the best thing to feed a penguin, if that is your question then you should find another, more appropriate forum.

Another example is threads which are directed at only one, or a select group of members. These kinds of discussion are better kept to PM.

Avoid sensitive discussion areas
Try to avoid discussion on topics such as religion, politics, sexuality, or any other similar topics that are going to cause heated discussions and could insult, upset or disrepesct some people's views or beliefs. Obviously not all threads on these topics would have this result, so please use some common sense when creating threads on these subjects.

For example
Asking which religion is better or what you think of people of a certain sexual orientation would not be acceptable.

Replies must contribute to the discussion
If you wish to contribute to a topic, make it count by providing a valuable contribution.

For example
Short relies like "lol" or "+1" don't contribute. If you wish to agree with a point then provide why you support their position.

This is not a social networking site
We all appreciate humour but don't use these forums as a place to spread viral media unless it is relevant and has context here.

For example
Including a youtube video or image that is not the stimulus or a factor in the discussion your presenting.

Don't use this as a public stage
There are more appropriate places to make a public point or protest. This is especially the case when your issue is out of the control of the team here or the members of the forum. A specific example of this is scam reports, unless you can provide solid evidence. Otherwise you run the risk of defamation accusations and we can’t be sure all parties are being fairly represented.

For example
If you have a disagreement with another member, even if they are members here, you should address it with them privately rather than addressing it through a public post.

The MyBB staff team reserves the right to moderate topics that do not adhere to the guidelines in order to keep the forum environment positive and constructive.

Note: Should you have any questions or comments about this thread or any of the other new policies please post them here.

Yours sincerely, The MyBB team.

If you wish to contact staff about any of these rules please use the Private Inquiries forum.

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