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Only Heavy Metal
My Forum is dedicated to Heavy Metal


How many people are going to use this theme seriously lol.. I think the last 10 mybb sites I've visited have been using it
Themefreak - High Quality Premium Themes
at least it's customized
good u
Kick lime! Nice forum!
Awesome, I'll be happy to affiliate with you once you get a few more members. I've been running my website for quite a while now and it's similar to your site except mainly for the hardcore scene.
Interesting... 37 posts and 45 members... There's a first time for everything... I suggest you get an anti-spam software to block those pesky bots ^.^ Also you have way to many boards for a new forum, and that isn't good, no no. Condense the boards, and slowly expand as you grow.
Thanks guys!

Also have a look to my other part of the website.
The white borders need to go, yes yes. Maybee a dark yellow.

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