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Chris Boulton Wrote:
Quote:Excellent work guys! With the help of WinMerge (someone here recommended me this) I was able to update my system in about 20minutes...and I dare say my board is extensively modded.

Good, you were one of those who I was apologising to and concerned about updating because of not releasing a set of manual instructions.


No worries....it's all good! Smile

The only reason it took 20 minutes, is because my employer (those bastards) has actively blocked me from accessing my own site from work....I guess I spent too much time there...so I have to do all by remote managing my homecomputer from here... (http://www.logmein.com if anyone is interested...very cool tool).

Chris, my offer still stands on the 'tour' of our system and am still willing to donate some code to the community should you want to use it...


PS. Interestingly enough...when I was writing this message, see what happened.
The problem disappeared though after I Previewed the post...
Looks like a rendering bug in Firefox.

Hopefully, whatever caused it (be it Firefox or MyBB) will be fixed when the new javascript comes along in 1.2, which dynamically creates the code buttons editor.
Great, I've just updated my board successfully Smile
jsoltesz.com - MyBB lead designer & team member since 2006
Thanks for the fix Big Grin
Wow, great job guys!
I miss the fix for:

toertchn Wrote:I miss the fix for:

If you would have read the announcement you would have noticed that only some bugs were fixed. This bug is not one of them.
Peter Akkies

Thanks for the update.....Can't wait for 1.2 Smile
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Thanks for the update! Smile

(btw the homepage is still displaying the latest version as 1.04)

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