1. The plugin isn't lgpl, just the wysiwyg.js is lgpl.
3. That page will come in frinklabs v2.
2. Yeah, I had this idea already before and I think I'm going to release a free light version without theme management and a not free pro version with theme management.
3. Yes and it won't change.
4. Will take a look on it.
5. You have to select a text first.
6. I forgot to remove the end tag. Will be fixed in beta 4.
7. Actually the editor should use this font size values already, but somehow it uses pt now again. Will take a look on it.
8. & 9. I know, but I think I won't change it. (Too difficult)
10. Actually this feature is already in the plugin, but I used in the installation an old template where the button is missing in the toolbar configuration.
11. Will be fixed in beta 4.

I need wysywygSadSadSadSadSadSadSadSadSadSad

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