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NeonSkinners- Premium MyBB Themes at an Affordable Price
[Image: logo.png]
(Formally CustoMyBB)

Ok Before anyone asks, YES we only have TWO themes available right now. If you read on you'll see why.

Today Marks the Official Opening of NeonSkinners. We've got a lot of cool features that we'd like to tell you about here today.

What is NeonSkinners?
NeonSkinners is a Group of Designers dedicated to bringing you quality themes! We are very skilled in MyBB and are working on branching out to other forum softwares such as IPB and WordPress.

Features of NeonSkinners
Here at NeonSkinners, we want to make sure you have a fresh pot of themes to choose from. Which is why we will be releasing 2-4 MyBB Themes Every month! Which means every two weeks, your guaranteed to see a new theme or two. On Top of that, we'll also be releasing 1 Free theme a month.

Now this is on top of the themes we already have for you. Currently available on the site right now we have one free and one paid theme available. Well by the end of this week, as a special bonus for our users, we plan to have up to 3 free themes and 5 paid themes! These premium themes will be on sale only to those who register before friday! So sign up today to be eligible for these insane prices!

Subscriptions are $9.49 a Year.
Individual Themes can Be Purchased in the Downloads Section.

Custom Requests
Here at NeonSkinners we would be happy to create a custom theme for your website or forum. Our prices start at $9.49 and go up depending on the request. Your also guaranteed a finished request within 2 weeks! How's that for dedication?

Not Interested In Themes?
That's ok! We have Graphics Forums for you to show off your own work and get help and advice on HTML and CSS. You can even showcase your website or chat with fellow members!

Have Questions? Post them in the Feedback Forum and We'll Be Glad To Answer them!

If you haven't already done so, why not head over to the introduction forum and introduce yourself!

See You around the forums!

Im done with this crap. Bye
Not quite sure about the logo but other than that it looks great Smile
I may decide to come to you for a custom theme eventually (when I have something to theme and when I have enough cash Toungue)
Thanks, Polarbear541
Thanks for the feedback! A New theme should be released shortly.
Im done with this crap. Bye

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