Automatic Demotion
actually I have to do this manually every month. My site has a restricted area and users dont want other people to be using it as a library so we have a use it or lose attitude to the restricted section.

On that basis, I would love this plugin
(10-19-2010, 01:14 AM)labrocca Wrote: So let's review.

You want a plugin to remove access and restrict privileges if they aren't active. Yet how can they make posts without the access? Seems like your idea is not thought out very well. And yes I understand you might have forum A restricted but not Forum B to a certain group. Still I don't see a lot of benefit forcing participation in forum B just to get access to forum A. And you're going to promote low quality participation in forum B with this idea.

btw this thread is from July.

So let's review, you misinterpreted what the capability of the idea is for. I did not mention restrict privileges. I only stated less permission (EG: Users cannot access threads within the forum if automated demotion is active and if user status meets conditions (which are mentioned in the first post if read thoroughly) this would move the user into a less permission based group that would not allow the user to view/read forum threads within.

"Promoting low quality participation?" With discussion there's always going to be feedback, voicing opinions is almost everywhere in a democratic society. At least speaking for myself I don't live in a communist society whereas surpressing voices occurs.

"Forcing" would not be the proper term for this.
"Maintaining an active account" would seem to satisfy.

July? It's October! how many days? Woah, that's many days since the last bump.

Still looking for something that would so this if anyone is offering
I don't see the practical application of this to be completely honest. Seems like a lot of extra overhead for very few uses. More or less what you're trying to do is dictate exactly what users have to do in order to be a part of your forum, which isn't a particularly grand concept. This won't solve leecher problems - nothing will. If they don't want to be a part of your community they simply won't, they'll find somewhere else to get what you offer for less effort. Falls into the same category as requiring registration for content viewing, really.

If you want something to demote users after a period of time, you should look at the VIP Membership plugin from (site is currently down).
good u
Its completely different to vip membership as thats for a time period not usage. I dont understand people who post against requests, if you dont want it, dont use it when its made.

(12-18-2010, 02:57 AM)Scoutie44 Wrote: More or less what you're trying to do is dictate exactly what users have to do in order to be a part of your forum
You dont place any limits on people using your forum? Just about every forum has conditions of usage. This one merely suits me and the OP to avoid having to do what we are manually doing at the moment.
My bad, didn't notice this was in plugin requests. But no, I don't make users post a certain amount to retain their membership.
good u
Less permissions is very similar to restricted access. It's like saying the cup is half full versus the cup is half empty.

You give elevated status for activity and remove it from inactivity. Is that about right?

Reading this thread a few times. I don't believe I misunderstand at all.

Quote:"Forcing" would not be the proper term for this.
"Maintaining an active account" would seem to satisfy.

I'm just letting you know..from my experience with forums. What you propose is a bad idea and it will not serve you in the way you think. You're telling people to be active to be part of the active groups. If they're not active they won't be in the active groups. You see what I'm saying?

You can't tell people that if they don't participate they can't participate. It's ridiculous. You've not offered any real incentive to those inactive.

"Hey active or you'll be in the inactive group" or better yet...."Hey'll be in inactive group unless you're active"

It's not well thought out. Here is a thought that might help you. Why not remove reps from members who have not logged in past X days. Now that's a real kicker. This means even if in the future they decide to become active again any reps they worked for would be lost because of their inactivity. So let's say you're not active for 3 months...then all your positive reps are removed.

It's been months since this thread was started so it doesn't appear you have interest in your original idea anyways.
Good Job, jump to conlusion while I'm still reading replies. This is a complex plugin and what you're pointing out isn't justifications. There's no additional point for negative comments is there?

If you wish not to develop this, it's okay, there's no need for your own personal opinion as to this mod/plugin won't be used by the community.

As auto-demotion comes into play, cleaning up forums become an easier task along with many other miniscule tasks that hasn't been outlined.

As people don't take initiative to post without a kick-start, they will never be part of any community. Social outcast is almost everywhere. Having this is just a kick-start for a "better" community. "Pushing" people to be posting is motivation in many indirect ways in relating to and engaging in discussions. You may not agree with this; however, you can't judge that it won't neccessarily work. To a certain degree, you don't believe in a set of guidelines will uphold an active community, as it could possibly be a kick-start for a new forum or a continuous effort to keep the community active with responses to discussions.
The community itself should be your incentive. I can't think of any forum I'm a part of that pushes me to post more. I post because I want to.
(12-20-2010, 01:57 PM)Uncontrol Wrote: The community itself should be your incentive. I can't think of any forum I'm a part of that pushes me to post more. I post because I want to.

Presumable then you would not encounter anyone pushing you even if such a system existed. Im operating a forum, not a library at the end of the day.

Moving on, I believe I already said this but seems to have gone over heads. I have 12 subforums on my forum. Out of these 3 are restricted to a certain usergroup. This usergroup does NOT want people reading the restricted areas without taking part in it. My users want this.

Is it really so different to removing inactive accounts using account janitor and the like?

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