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Social Forever
Social Forever is a premium social network that enables you to do endless possibilities. We aim to please all members. Gaining member by member every day. They are what make it possible.

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Social Forever
social. forever.
an online community.
You recently transferred from being hosted on forumotion correct? That step was a great one in the right direction Smile And the new name is better as well.

The theme is kind of lacking, nothing really makes it stand out. Also your navigation buttons are plain as well. Try to spice up the layout a bit and you'll draw more users. Also I suggest getting a mybbcentral sub-subscription and checking out there plugins and checking out ones located in the mod section of mybb Smile

Good luck.
Themes good, but sort of bright. You're activity isn't bad if you can keep that up. Good luck. Wink
Nice forum, but why do I get a log out link when not signed in?
100 Posts - $3.00
PM me for more information.
Thank you all for all the positive feedback!

Yes, how did you know I transferred from ForuMotion? haha

The theme is temporary, we plan on ordering a custom made theme. Smile

Our activity has come a long way! We work very hard for it. So, feel free to sign up everyone!

Thanks again.

social. forever.
an online community.

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