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[For 1.6] Apart for 1.6 [Released]
[Image: logo.png]
The Apart theme series is a set of beautiful yet simple themes for MyBB 1.6. A wide selection of color variations are available, all based on the same simple layout. All Apart themes only modify 12 templates.

Twelve color variations
Click on an image to be taken to the theme on the MyBB Mods website.
[Image: 1.png] [Image: calm.png] [Image: clean.png] [Image: dawn.png] [Image: earth.png] [Image: flame.png]
[Image: leaf.png] [Image: night.png] [Image: sky.png] [Image: sun.png] [Image: twilight.png] [Image: water.png]

Theme highlights (view full screenshots of all themes)
Unique, clean welcome panel concept
[Image: welcome_panel.png]

Custom button set
[Image: buttons.png]

Rounded corners and smooth gradients throughout
[Image: rounded_corners.png]

Simplified and more organized page footer
[Image: footer.png]

An updated version of the Apart Theme series will be included as the default theme in MyBB 1.8. In light of this announcement, the Apart theme series for MyBB 1.6 is no longer being actively supported.

Thank you for your interest in Apart and for your understanding. - MyBB lead designer & team member since 2006
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Wow! Great theme. Thank you Justin!
I'm a proud MyBB user. Toungue
Very nice set of themes =)
Coming soon..
Looks Awesome Smile
Well done once again Justin Toungue
Thanks, Polarbear541
Very nice! Was waiting for an upgrade of Afresh. Although I don't like the new name.
(2010-08-01, 11:45 PM)trilobyte- Wrote: Although I don't like the new name.

It's not like you usually keep the logo though is it? Toungue
Thanks, Polarbear541
Very nice release, great job! Big Grin
You did it again. Nice work. Smile

They are very cool, congratulations and thank you very much
for sharing Smile

I love them! Heart

Very sleek Justin. Keep it up.
No longer involved in the MyBB project.

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