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Audentio Design
(2011-05-26, 06:19 PM)Audentio Wrote:
(2011-05-26, 06:14 AM)pyridine Wrote:

We need to work on our 301 Redirects, but that page is no longer the request page. It can be found at

Getting our redirects to work is a top priority.

Thank you,
Mike Creuzer

You should edit the OP then. Wink
(2011-05-26, 10:11 AM)yulasinio Wrote:
(2011-05-25, 03:34 PM)Civil Engineer Wrote: Seriously? Here's a thought.. update to IE 9 or use a better browser

(2011-05-25, 04:50 PM)lucasbytegenius Wrote: Get Chrome and start living. Sheesh.
All IE does is make a more borked web.

Is not my company so i cannot order them what web browser we should use. So stop being smart arses and live on...

Some of the most succesful designers for various softwares don't support anything lower than IE 8 and some have already begun only supporting IE 9.. it's not uncommon.
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We only recently decided NOT to support IE6. I've made it an effort to support IE6 as long as I could. I only decided not to when Microsoft themselves started campaigning against IE6. Now, we do in fact support IE7, and the bug seen will be fixed. It was a quick fix that was performed after we tested. Being that it is seen on forms (everywhere), we will of course make an effort to get that bug fixed.

Please also note that most of our themes still work fine all the way back to IE6.
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They have free skins? : (
(2011-05-28, 03:32 PM)Hitman Wrote: They have free skins? : (

Not at their site apparently Sad They've got a few in the themes database here.
We have many free themes, we just need to add them to the site.
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Kudos to all of your brilliant themes. Audentio is truly one of the best theme sites around.

Here's a quick suggestion; Why not be the first designers to offer a premium Anime related theme? TBH I never saw a theme tailored specifically for Anime sites. And believe me there are plenty of anime forums that are using myBB but don't have the right theme.
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iDude, thank you for your kind words.

What's great is that we offer customization for our themes, so we can perhaps make it look more anime related. To be honest, I'm not sure what constitutes something as anime-related, and it might be something we'd be interested in doing. Smile
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I'm not trying to criticize here. But don't you need to have MyBB installed on your site to post in the showcase...?
The demo board is up. Although I am curious as to what they are using for the main forum since it's be under construction for awhile now (even after the new design was put out).

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