[1.6.x] Fix Editor & TextArea
not work for me on mybb 1.6.12
Okay so... I just have to say thank you! Like big time. I had noticed that little problem and I believe I had managed to fix it some how so that was all fine and dandy for some time. Until I went and somehow managed to make it about a 1000 times worse than it originally was... literally. The height of the box was over 1000px and I have no idea how I managed to accomplish that but I couldn't seem to undo it. But this fixed it! I even came and joined this forum just to say thank you. I have another little problem still that came up at the same time and that still needs fixing but I am half way there so just once more... thank you.
Didn't work for me somehow…

Though I fixed it by adding this
box-sizing: border-box; 
to my whole CSS.

No problems since adding this attribute Smile
None of the suggestions have worked for me. Anyone have any ideas?
Thank you ALOT! Finally fixed my damn over hanging text box Big Grin
Happy New Year!

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