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You would need permission from Christian. Which I doubt you would get. However back when he worked at FP he did say he was thinking about porting his themes to mybb.

I know if someone pays him enough he would port them,
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This is the reply I got from Christian

Quote:Hi Sukanjan

Unfortunately I am already in the process of converting my styles to MyBB.

Sorry Sad

[Image: eyadHiR.png]
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Happy with the response lets see how it goes !!

@ TeamBlast

seems Christian will make his themes available for MyBB too.Lets hope so. I will try to contact him personally too..

@ dimon

looks really matter. I love the out of the box MyBB.

@ Jammerx2

I respect phpBB. Just because something is complex doesn't mean it's terrible. It's just not for a noob. While MyBB can be used by a noob.

@ HolyPhoenix

May be man. I'm new to MyBB. Spent soem time on phpBB forums so I know them better. I will wait. But these are my humble sugesstions that's it.

@ Malcom

The themes are GPL so just retaining credits would suffice. That too just to respect the young developer Christian. GPL V3.

@ darkly

Christian will come up with theme according to the recent responses from him.

@ itheme

be a little more descriptive next time.

@ NBKTwitch

that will be my final move. get a custom theme designed for 100$ by christian when I take my forum serious.

@ Sukanjan.K

What did you ask him ? permission to port ?
Anyway GPL allows you to use his work.
As he works we will het it from developer itself

I have made an attempt to respond to all.. thanks for chipping in even when I had just one post and joined just Y'day..Smile
Contacted Christian Bullock

[Image: absolutiononMyBB.jpg]

So finally some good news !!
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OMG. Fantastic Smile
[Image: 40DS6Te.png]

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I didn't expect christian to respond. As Sukanjan.K got one I was so curious to know when..

Waiting for Christian to come up with a great port to MyBB.. Meanwhile I'll be using MyBB pro on my forum..

Meanwhile I sent him this link. It's our way to show we support his theme..
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