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MyBB Plugins (Another MyBB Plugins Resource)
Please just get rid of the site rules. If you want them in all the forums, go create a Global Announcement.

Also, you have far too many forums with no content. Delete most of them and just add the basics.

Finally, get another theme, preferably a custom made theme will work.
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Having the rules plastered EVERYWHERE is just horrific, looks terrible.

Its ironic that one of your rules is : 9. Please do not post a duplicate thread.
I laughed at that irony. Toungue
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Thank You for your valuable feed-backs. Its a new site, I am updating it, and hope that I will add some 10 new plugins till tomorrow. I saw some requests here at requests forum of this community, and will prefer to make some of those. Smile

Thank You once again.
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Woww that is a great site. /registered Wink
Sorry users, but we really faced extra downtime from our host. we decided to change it and now we are shifting our 's forum to another domain + host. We will announce it in a day or two.

Thank You for reading.

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