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Can Has Website Community
Last month I started my own free host, and it's slowly starting to take off (finally got accepted listing on I don't have an official logo yet, but I plan on having someone design one when I get paid (contact me if you're interested!).

I chose MyBB for the support forum because it looked good, it was lightweight, and it's easy to install mods.

Here are the forums. I'm using 1.6 with a modified Apart Sky (sorry, I like fixed width better Sad). Fun fact: earn 1000 "katnip" on my forum and you can get a permanent back link from the featured.html page (dofollow!)

If you guys have any feedback or any advice about how I could perhaps "jumpstart" the forum, that'd be great. Thanks!

Oh yeah and I made a custom Thanks button for the thanks mod. Thanks Justin for including xcf!
Lesson 101 - If your going to run a serious website, get a custom theme. Especially if your going to be running a website host.
I'm confused, you've got a forum to upgrade hosting, but not to signup. Am I missing something?

As said above, you should try and get a custom theme or at least modify the current one.

This is my site, with the same theme, just in black, and look what I did, a few edits, here, a few image changes there and it looks pretty good:
Like i have on my Post 2 Host forum, the order link could be hidden.
Okay, once I get the time (when not at school or college), I'll try and see if I can modify the theme on a localhost install to a point where it looks unique. If all else fails, I'll have someone make a custom design along with the logo.

And I'll see what I can do about a proper hosting sign-up link.

I've gotten a bit of the way in creating a custom theme (I first redid the home pages and then ported it to the forums).

I've still got some css and images to change, but it's pretty far along imo.

Thoughts on the new template please?

(Oh yeah, and still need to get a logo done)
I spent about 15 seconds on your website and didn't understand what it was about. This is a bad sign.
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.
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