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(08-17-2010, 02:19 PM)eXecute Wrote: It's not a trick and it's not dishonest. A trick would be to edit the template or code so that it says 15 minutes but is actually 1000s of minutes. That would be a trick. That would be dishonest.

Showing the last 4 days and TELLING you it's showing the last 4 days, is not dishonest or a trick. It's a valid option created by MyBB developers. Just by the mere fact that MyBB allows you to change that option you're also blaming MyBB for giving administrators this ability. If you truly believe it is dishonest, go ahead and request that that option be removed from further MyBB forums.

I've already changed it back to 15 minutes, but I don't think you care. You don't even know me or anyone in my community and automatically assume we're dishonest. Judging the book by its cover.

It's dishonest because the average MyBB user knows that by default that is the last 15 minutes, and so if they see 400+ users online in that box, they are going to think "Holy orange! This forum is really active!" When in fact it is not even close to as active as it would seem. I think it is dishonest, but I'm not going to hold it against you. You chaned it after I made my point, and I thank you for that. You seem like a fair person who just didn't understand what a feature was for. And by all means, change it back if you want; it's your forum.
Your arguement isn't correct, Tierney. Sorry for saying that.

But as the OP said, it would be considered dishonest, when you show last 15 minutes but actually show users active in last 4 days. Because all he does there is showing his statistics for x number of days instead of the default one. He haven't changed the code to rise up the statistics which actually doesn't exist.

So why should it bother you? If users are deceived by it, its their fault for not clearly understanding things, and not the admin's fault.


Nice forum anyway. Keep up.
I'm going to stop the trollin'. Good luck with your forum.
Tierney, thanks for understanding, it is in fact changed to 15 minutes so there shouldn't be any more complaints. I hadn't thought anyone would interpret it as dishonest.

Thanks kavin for the support, I do think that MyBB developers created this option for smaller forums to be able to change it if they don't have new peeps every 15 minutes. However, I guess some people have different interpretations.

- back to topic --
Anyway, back on the topic, how do you guys like the forum. I'm considering a logo update as well, it's been quite a few months, and a couple people didn't find the logo too appealing (but I can't say for sure)... What do you think of it?

What can I do to increase activity levels in the forums other than continuing to post new threads?

What would I need to accomplish for you to join this forum??? What I mean is, what would you have wanted to see, that would have made you say "Alright, I'm joining this forum, seems awesome." Would it be activity levels? Amount of members? Amount of topics/threads??
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