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Hey All! Big Grin I would like to tell you all about my most recent forum, which needs to be reviewed Big Grin : mywebforums

Let me know if you have any suggestions. If you're interested you are invited to join.
[Image: mywebforumsfinal.gif]

Your Mind Is Hungry! Time To Feed It!
[Image: logo.png]
whats our link you say? either click the banner below or click here

Thanks Big Grin
Nice forum but the reflected text is not well made and looks tacky, i think if you get rid of it the banner will look better.
Ansem Wrote:Lets admit, phpbb is a joke, smf is a joke but atleast thats a little funny, things like xmb or punbb just don't cut it and vb is like the douchbag of them all. Mybb wins.
My mods Clicky!
we will be getting a new logo/banner soon Big Grin , anything else? Toungue

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