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Aardvark Topsites + MyBB
I've been looking into this...

Can somebody look into creating a guide to integrating Aardvark with MyBB?

I've been wanting to provide a way of allowing users to share their sites on a Topsites script, without requiring a separate account.
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Would be nice
Looking for people who actively play or DM Dungeons & Dragons.
Please PM me, working on a secret project ^^.
It would.
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I don't understand how they can be integrated. Every account in a topsites list is a website while every account in a forum is a user. Maybe link the website to the user? I guess that can be done by making use of custom profile fields.
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A cool idea I suppose.
@chaosweapon: you have to register with your own user+pass when you add your site.
Any Solutions so far?
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