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Hey guys, I've redone posts4you with a new idea, I'm trying to make posts4you a classifieds site for online jobs, so you can look around for people selling cheap posts, themes, post exchanges, all that kinda stuff.

You can also come down and advertise your forum in our website review area.

Im currently planning on adding a points system, and a webmaster forum so the more posts on p4y you make the more points you get which you can exchange for banner spots on p4y!

So please come down and check us out, tell me what you think I can do to make the site better, and happy surfing!
I like the sound of that WTGP! I'll try help out as much as I can to make it successful Wink
Thanks x.
Any one have any comments?
Good concept.

I would advise you to change the logo though. Since it uses the default Mybb Mod v2 header.
I use the same theme too. Lol.
Lol Im thinking about changing the theme, so thats why I haven't made a logo yet Toungue
Oh! That's fine then.


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