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I can get free support, free modifications and free ... everything, right here.
No PM support
My YouTube
You all need to learn to get along, your actinglike his parent. :/

@OP, great site idea, helping the MyBB community is what we need, thank you very much. I suggest a new theme. Maybe Bob Jansen's MyBBPro?
I'm not here often, shoot a PM or whatever if you want my discord.
It can be a big success if you work hard (very very hard) on it. MyBB Talk it more better that MyBBrunway. It can stick in one's mind better that runway.
I think it can be better then MyBBRW since the domain much more simple. Just get a nice theme, then take a couple days to fill it with content.

[Image: iYa29IFsjRtGF.png]

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Thanks Man. Big Grin
(2010-08-20, 05:06 PM)Gaara Wrote: What, and all offer suffices the needs of MyBB Help Sites. I don't want to join a forum that has no customisation and something similar to

I can't get your logic. Don't take that i offend you, but internet has no rules. If Bob Jansen is legal to start a MyBB help site, onebot is legal to have one too.

There are a number of phpBB support sites, but still they are starting new ones and i see no one complaining about it in their forum. Diversity of resources can only be achieved if there are many such forums.

Should i mention that both mybbrunaway and mybbcentral needs subscription? I understand that its worth to invest that money for the hard work of guys like labrocca. But why can't we appreciate a site developing things free of cost.

Though it may seem simple today, it won't be tomorrow. Who knows? one day it might be big enough. That's a basic theory among webmasters and i'm sure all of us know that.

Chris spent his time in developing MyBB from scratch, though there are big boards like phpBB, Vbulletin, etc. Remember if he had thought as you guys said, "Why should i start a new one, instead of working as a developer in phpBB or Vbulletin?", then we couldn't have got the best and most secured forum script, MyBB.

Please don't take this as an offense guys, but i wish to say, "Try to appreciate sites in showcase section".
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Thank you, somebody hears me.
Good luck with the site, Ignore the idiots that don't want to see myBB expand with more communities. Keep at it and make it a success, Ignore the constant thread hijacks with advertisements for their own sites. If that's what they need to do members, then more fool them.
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Yea thanks. I really like it. The Domain is Sick.
Wow, what a nice theme. I'm jealous lol...

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