Adsense Revenue Sharing Plugin
Which is...?

If it's just the fact it needs to display in the header, it's easy to change.
i need a adsense revenue sharing plugin too.
i wish someone would make a plugin that every member enter his adsense id and based on how many posts he post his posts get placed automaticly at the forum and also the admin can change the % of member banners appearance chance and admin ads appearance chance and also for subscriber appearance chance.

for example admin can give 75% chance for his ads to appear at the forum and members 25% chance.
Yeah I agree.

@jlong1: So how do you get it to display in the header?
You just have to change the plugin to modify the header template instead, it should just be a quick change. What version of mybb is the original plugin for?
It's been unofficially updated by someone else for 1.4 and 1.6 here:

I've already tried to show the ads in the header by placing the code in the 'header' template, but it seems it's only compatible to show up in the 'showthread' template.
I'll have a look into it in a bit.

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