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Hey Guy WHC Is a Forum Where All Coders Can Come and Contribute Thier
Ideas,Source,And Programs
We Also Help People with Hacking Problems Such As
Keyloggers And Viruses
Were looking for a New Sleek Theme
And ieads i want it to be Silver and Black Like This
so Join And Come And help us Out!

[Image: LOGOD3D.png]
Err: You can't advertise hack sites.
You're not allowed to advertise forums with hacking content regardless if it's white hat or whatever.
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I dont think its a hacking related forum. They help people who get hacked or are infected with keyloggers. I dont think helping for such things is hacking.

Black hat means a hacker not white hat.
There was a discussion about this, the staff concluded it's still hacking even if it's helpful hacking or bad hacking.
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We do not offer support or allow forums to be showcased if they contain hacking material, warez or any other illegal content or discussion. This is an ethical policy we have as we do not want to condone these activities, or allow use of the showcase forum to advertise forums with this content.

Feel free to PM me any questions you have regarding this.

MyBB Support Team.
Former MyBB Software Assurance Team
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