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looking for banner exchange!
OK, my site has become virtually dead and im looking to revive it!

I want to exchange some banners with people.

Basically, I put your banner on my site (with a max of 100,000 views) and you put one for me on yours. Simple Smile

Banners can be a max of 600px x 90px (W:H) in PNG or GIF format. They CAN be animated Smile

PM me if you're interested Toungue

Here's mine:
<a href=""><img src=""  alt=" - For All your Coding Needs!"></a>
I'd be interested in this, I'll send you a banner tomorrow if you want? Send me yours?
Sure I'll PM it to you when I get to my PC Smile
This user has been denied support. This user has been denied support.

there are mines
send me yours
Here's mine:
You can resize it to any size you like. :p I'm lazy to create images. Big Grin

PM me yours. Big Grin
jLong1,Darkly,Glas - PMed Smile
Added yours. Smile
Any more takers? Big Grin
Yup but we've settled this via PM Toungue
Thanks, Polarbear541
sure I'm down to exchange banners. where would you like your banner on my forums?
[Image: f4hhzq.png]

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