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Ok I was using SMF. I had host problems so I switched to CreateMyBB. Since there was no converter and the phpbb one was deleted, I had to restart the forum.

So it is a graphics forum. But not just graphics, it is also a community, and web design discussion. Please join and help me grow it. I'll be trying to make it active.

Also, I made the theme, and could use some comments. I know the banner sucks, that's just temporary till I make a new one (lazy).

The link is or
I registered and pointed to the real link, but DNS takes forever to refresh.


P.S. Looking for affiliates.
When I start up MyBB Templates I'll affiliate with you. Smile

Nice site. Smile
Do NOT PM me for Support!
Lol Thanks. I'll keep trying to advertise. Two friends of mine will be helping me on it.
Your forum looks very nice but your forum logo is not very suitable for your contest...
you need content
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