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Best host
What is the best free webhost for mybb forums?
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Do you mean a Cpanel host that support Mybb forums? Or, just a Mybb forum host?
Any type of webhost that will install my mybb forum.
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I have a webhost (pm me for details) that supports Mybb. And, the plans are very nice. Smile
inb4 000webhost?
I'll be opening up a webhost in the coming days, geared towards forum softwares like MyBB.
Im done with this crap. Bye
Try out MyBBWebHost. We have a MyBB Auto Installer, and so far I've been installing and troubleshooting plugins and themes for people as well as providing general MYBB support.
Need web hosting? Try MyBBWebHost!
#1 for Running MyBB Communities
The world's only premium web host dedicated to MyBB forums.

If you want a FREE MyBB hosting with MyBB forums already installed with over 50 themes available that are ready to go, you can have this with, the only tradeoff is a small ads banner in the footer... Wink owner/administrator
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We have currently 175+ MyBB Exclusive Plugins, 80+ MyBB Compatible MyCodes

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