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Hi @ all

We've recently changed our old Community Forum into a Admin Forum since most of our Members have been Admins anyways. However we're starting over from Scratch, but it's been quite a bit going on already.

So if you are running a Homepage - a Blog or a Forum just come on by and have a Look.

The Forum is being run on German Language, but as you can see we are able to read - write and communicate in English as well. Therefor don't be shy and Stop on by Wink

The Forum Theme has been created by us and People find it quite nice.

Greets from the Team
Ah, I wish now that my German was better.. Maybe I'll register. Then I can develop my admin/webmaster skills and work on improving my German at the same time Wink
Ooooo, I know a bit of german Smile

You need something that sets you apart from other admin forums Smile
@Tommyk... we're sure always open for Input. What exactly do you mean when you're saying "You need something that sets you apart from other admin forums" ??? We are actually doing things other Admin Forums are NOT doing. I'm looking forward to read some of your Ideas.

We could easily implement a Foreign Language Section into our Forum if any of you Guys come by to fill it Wink Big Grin
Looks good, but I think you have way too many forums for so few posts. If you consolidate the forums, it will appear more active and more members will join.
Thx Kodaks for your Hint. I will take a close look at it again and see how I can arrange it in a more efficient way.

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