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Doctors Companion - Doctor Who Site
Have updated a few things for on the site, and would like to get peoples thoughts on what they think. Just to see what people think of the theme, and the whole layout of the forum Big Grin

Have updated the theme for a more Christmassy feel, seems where coming up to the Christmas Special soon!!
Great theme buddy Smile

Nice work!
This design looks great.
What plugin is used for the top bar telling you to login or register ?
The design looks great! But I hate that bar at the top that follows you trying to make you register.
After a 5 Month Hiatus due to several reasons, Doctors Companion is back and has had a relaunch!

Unfortunetly the data we had from the old site was lost Sad But out with the old and in with the new!!

Let me know what you think of the layout and everything Smile Big Grin
The site is still cut in half when viewing with chrome..

Ok in IE8 and FF
Themefreak - High Quality Premium Themes
Hmmm will install another theme, and see if it happens with that theme, see whether its the theme or a plugin.... Thanks for spotting that for me!
Giving your .top_links a width of 400px fixes the problem in Chrome.

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