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Division 12- The General Chat Forums (Seeking Moderators)
Hello, one and all! First of all, yes, Division 12 doesn't yet have it's own domain name, but it's still as good as any other forum. It's built with myBBnew so a certain theme could be used, and also because I've no knowledge of my myBB Wink

It can be accessed here:

I love for you to join, and to apply for the open moderator position, just PM me (Cameron) on Division 12 Smile
Quote:and to apply for the open moderator position

Quote:We currently have 1 members registered.

You need a moderator to control one member, which is yourself?

IMO you need members, not staff. Awesome theme though, good luck!
No members, no content, no vision.

You'll get out of this what you put into it. You've not put anything into it, so don't expect much.
You don't need any moderators, there's nothing to moderate! And you shouldn't use these free services, they will not give you the database, so I would just buy some hosting, install MyBB and get a domain name. Then you can access your forums and db freely without restrictions. Smile

Also, get content and members. Good theme though Smile
No PM support
My YouTube
You haven't even given the forum a name...
No longer involved in the MyBB project.
Division 12.

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