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Moderator's Control Panel & Other moderation feedback
In the other thread I posted this:

DennisTT Wrote:Moderator CP ideas:

For normal moderators they can only use the tools on the forums they moderate. Supermoderators and Admins can use the tools on all forums. I think these tools should also be part of some type of permissions system that would allow/disallow tools for each forum because not all forums are the same Smile
  • Moderation Queue - basically the same thing as the Admin CP
  • User allow/block list - For the allow list to work, there should be an checkbox when making the forum permissions that says something like this "Use allow list" And block list would just not allow anyone on that list to enter the forum.
  • Change forum password - I guess this can be turned on/off via the Admin CP per forum
  • Mod CP forum view - this is basically a copy of forumdisplay except there is a list of checkboxes beside each thread and you can mass lock, mass move, mass delete, etc from that screen without having to do it for each thread manually.
  • Announcements - Moderators can add/edit/delete announcements on the forums they moderate.


Some other suggestions:

Can there be a box to change the thread name in the "Edit/View Thread Notes" moderation page.

Dennis Tsang
Former MyBB Team Member

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