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Ahhhh... very nice Wink

I've updated it Wink
cool, glad you like it. Now to try out the service Wink

Ok, here is a lot of notes:

a) If login fails, make it redirect.
Quote:You have entered in-correct login details. Redirecting back to front page.
(click here if your browser does not support redirects)
b) After clicking login, also use a redirect code
Quote:You have been successfully logged in. Redirecting to Member CP.
(click here if your browser does not support redirects)
a) Move he link up a bit to the top
b) logout.php cant be found
c) Log out, [username]

Edit account:
a) It isn't a password feild
b) It should ask for you exisisting password to make changes

Image section:
a) Users have to refresh after adding an image to see it in the list, make it redirect after upload or delete.
b) Delete doesn't work for non images (did a test with a .txt file Smile)
c) Multiple uploads at one time perhaps??

a) At minimum should need a title and welcome message.
b) Auto direct back after posting
c) Load in frame guestbook for admin, not new window
d) Ability to delete posts by someone else
e) Redirect back to guestbook listing after creating and deleting one

Forum creator:
a) Make the forum you make password protected with the users choice of password, I dont want other users seeing my forum Toungue
b) The "Your Forums" list section doesn't work. It display nothing.
c) Redirect back to your forum listing after creating and deleting one
d) On rare occasions, the forum list shows nothing but the main page forum count shows 1.

'' Email:
a) My email hasn't arrived. Is it automatic or manually sent??

a) Make all the background match, some are different (the ones in the right frame)
b) Your forum logo says when it should be just
c) the Did You Know... box is empty except for [] about 95% of the time.
d) The forum is too stretched, make it about 96% width
e) Forum is missing "Welcome to" before "".
I've fixed many of those at home (Warwickshire) but i havent brought them with me to my dads (Worcestershire), so far i have the logout.php working, forum lists work, password form works.

Thanks for all your help k776!

I'll be looking forward to correcting my mistakes and errors Big Grin
The did you know box is a random thing and i just done it on what second you come on... eg; If control panel loads at 2 seconds past 'X' minute then it shows Did You Know '2', i only have about 2-4 of them.
ah, ok. NP, Ill keep testing stuff. BTW, what password form?? Forum creator or Edit Account??

As for Did You Know..., whatever it is, its not working Smile

Oh, and only 7 of them are bugs, the other 11 are actually suggestions for improving this great site Smile
oks Wink

The password form for Edit Account.

Also i logged in at (refreshed page) at 3 seconds past 4:23am (GMT)and i got this in the Did You Know:
Dale's Did You Know Box Wrote:[3] Ad Free
To remove the adverts, you need to buy the ad free upgrade on your account.

As for suggestion OTHER (B) i'll do that straight away now Smile
The did you know box need work then cause Im getting nothing at all.

Ok, I have started crossing off ones that are fixed/added.

And keep checking the list, Ill add to it when I find somethign new.
ok thanks Wink

Hmmm.... oh in registered.php (where registration goes to be verfied) i have this:
mkdir("./members/$_POST[username1]", 0777);
yet for some reason it makes folders in 755... weird???
I'm not supprised. This should fix it. Change
mkdir("./members/$_POST[username1]", 0777);
$old_umask = umask(0);
mkdir("./members/$_POST[username1]", 0777);
$old_umask = umask(0);

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