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Hello there,

Is there a way I could limit the length of the userfield-box in the EDIT PROFILE-form? I would also like to force a linefeed if the name becomes too long.

If I set the MAX LENGTH as 50, it's going to break my 'frame' for the site...if I use 30, it is not enough for some values that need to be stored there...

So I would like to have the following:

1) EDIT PROFILE-form to limit the entry-box at 30char but it would accept up to 50char values

2) PROFILE-page would forcefeed a linechange after 30char or the nearest empty space before that.

Can I do this by editing templates (I think the first might be possible) or do I need to request a mod for it?


PS. There would be a number of other userfields I would like to use this with as well (I have about 30 userfields set up)

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You can use the attribute maxlength in text fields. Example:
<input type="text" maxlength="5" />
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okay..that takes care of the input about the profile itself....want to force linefeeds after that maxlength so it doesn't break my frame-structure even if the value is longer...
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I thought I had it...but it looks like I need a little more handholding...can you tell me in which template do I need to make the change that will force both usertable-values as well as the customfield-values entry-boxes to be fixed width but still allow longer the box could be 30char but the value could be 50char

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