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Solved: 11 Years ago [How To?] Import database
Solved: 11 Years ago
Is it possible to import the database from kunena forum (joomla) into mybb?
Solved: 11 Years ago
You cannot convert from Kunena to MyBB using the Merge System at this time.
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Solved: 11 Years ago
this means that if I use MyBB all of my current users are gone...I really like this kind of forum, isn't there any solution for this kind of problem?
Solved: 11 Years ago
You'd need a custom merger module made for you.
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Solved: 11 Years ago
Or you could go through the list of merge modules that MyBB does have and see if you can convert Kunena to another software and then convert from that to MyBB.

After a quick search it looks like you can convert to SMF using the Fireboard convertor and then convert from SMF to MyBB.
Solved: 11 Years ago
Thx for the quick reply...I'll try that...

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