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Solved: 11 Years ago What percentage of Unactivated to Activated Users do you get?
Solved: 11 Years ago
Just wondering about this really.

I have Captcha support turned off as I was being asked to do a captcha when I wanted to post and I hate captchas anyway.

This is my first Forum so I was just wondering whether having captchas turned off has something to do with the number of new users I have been getting who are unactivated.

Since I took over the new forum 34 new users have joined, 14 activated and the other 20 haven't, so approximately 60% aren't activating.

Is this normal, are the 20 who haven't activated likey to be spambots?

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Solved: 11 Years ago
Clearly it'll have an effect, a lot of them will probably be spam bots if you've disabled CAPTCHA, and even if they're not, you'll get hit by them if there's no spam prevention whatsoever. If you got asked for a CAPTCHA when trying to post, you shouldn't have just disabled CAPTCHA leaving nothing to stop spam bots, would have been far better to ask for help finding out why you got asked for a CAPTCHA in the first place.
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