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Hello all,

Zultek is a new community me and my friend are trying to start off, it's going to be based around gaming and website development. This came from me enjoying website design and my friend is in progress of designing a game.

Forum link is:

Homepage link is:

Homepage hasn't had much work and doesn't look good but i'll still add the link. Making the forum it's best has been my main focus so far.

Really would appreciate feedback and suggestions on how i could improve the forum. More forums do need adding, i know, but if there's any in particular you know that should, that would be great as well.
More forums? You have way too many forums as it is. Worry about adding more forums when you have posts and it becomes complex.

That said, another gaming and web design forum ... there's so many of these, what are you doing differently?
Well, the friend i'm making it with is actually designing a third person RPG which is going to come into it and be released through it and he'll be putting up concept art and things like that. I will bringing the website development into services provided by me as well and as attractions i wanted to do more tutorials in that area and articles on it. I know there not exactly different, but i thought it would help.

I'm not too sure what else as of now, still a new idea.
It sounds very confused. It's like two forums trying to be one. My suggestion would be to pick a focus and stick with it. It's much better to be great at a single thing than mediocre at a lot of things.

No malice intended, just honest feedback. Good luck.
Thank you and yeah, it sort of meant for both of us too do things and trying to not focus on one of the other too much. i know what you're saying, i'll just see how it goes to start and change over if it becomes obvious that it's needed.

Thank you for the feedback.
In Chrome, your footer is garbled:
Yeah, that's fixed now. That was only due to too many links with a set forum width.
I need to make the footer area all run accross the bottom of the page and not stop where the sideboxes start, but i don't know how.
I haven't taken a look at your code, but you would have to include something like this:
<td colspan="2">

The "colspan" will tell the footer that it should span two columns (your forums and your right side navigation).
Removed the sideboxes for the moment. Appreciate more opinions and feedback.

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