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Call of Duty Community! (Proudly Powered by MyBB)
Hey there!
Looking for a new innovative creative call of duty forum?
Well CODC is the place for you!
CODC sports a innovative theme designed to look like vBulletin, modified and fixed by myself as MyBulletin had some issues.

CODC is a new forum.
Check us out at:
This is to mainly everyone with a few exceptions. Please read the rules before you post in this thread. This forum is meant for appropriate and constructive feedback NOT arguing and flaming each other.

Consider this a warning.
Thanks, Polarbear541
Constructive Feedback
  • Make a logo, Forums/sites without them don't give a clear message of what the community is about.
  • If you are going to be "PROUDLY" using a forum software don't use a design from another software, may annoy some people!
  • Get a domain name, There so cheap its unbelieveable. If you cant pay £5 for a domain, your site will get nowhere...Investment is everything with websites.

That is all.

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